Who knew shooting a bow and arrow could be so much fun?

Well, Archery has become the latest trend. Archery is easy accessible which means it can be done all year round, it can be done indoors and outdoors to really capture the scenery. It is a very low-impact sport, so if you are totally new or are looking for something fun to do with younger children or as a family, Archery may be for you.

What we do

Here at Get Active Wandle we are committed to finding the right activity for you. We know and understand that people want to try new things and if you are looking for exciting new activities from little to no cost, with a great team to support and guide you in your Get Active Wandle journey then look no further, we are here for you.

An action shot of our 'Fit Families' Archery session

What Next?

So if you are inspired by Archery and would like to take part in our FREE Archery sessions bring your family and friends down and simply enjoy. To find out more about our Archery or other very enjoyable activities for all ages click the button below.


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