Over 60 Wandle Treasures were researched and documented throughout 2015 by volunteers, using the local archives. These have been mapped on a beautiful hand drawn map by Stephanie Theobold.

This can be seen in the Wandle Library along with all the individual Treasures

All the treasures are shown together here….



Industrial heritage: The Ram Brewery, Ravensbury Mill, The Snuff Mills, Connolly’s Mill

The Ram Brewery      Ravensbury Mill      The Snuff Mills      Merton Mill Connollys

People: Lord Hatfield, King Henry VI, William De Morgan

Gilliat Hatfeild      King Henry VI      DeMorgan

Market Gardening: Watercress Beds Carshalton, Watercress Beds Beddington, Smee Grange Garden, Ravensbury Park

Watercress Beds Carshalton      Watercress Beds Beddington      Smee Grange Garden      Ravensbury Park

Arts and Crafts: Forest Tapestry, Wandle Chintz, William Morris Room

The Forest Tapestry      Wandle Printed Cotton      V & A

Environment and Nature: Kingfisher, Deen City Farm, Watermeads

Kingfishers      Deen City Farm      Watermeads

Historic Buildings and Structures: Morden Hall, Morden Cottage, Wandle Villa, Merton Priory, Merton Place, Leoni Bridge, Kelmscott House, Carshalton Grotto, Merton Priory Chapter House, Carshalton Water Tower, Carew Manor, Canon Bridges

Morden Hall      Morden Cottage      Wandle Villa      Merton Priory

Merton Place Lord Nelson's House      Leoni Bridge      Kelmscott      Grotto

Chapter House      Carshalton Water Tower      Carew Manor      Canon Bridges

Miscellaneous: Mitcham Lavender Street Cry, Merton Abbey Dye Book, Liberty Films

Mitcham Lavendar      Merton Abbey Dye      Liberty Films


This project was delivered by The Building Exploratory as part of the Living Wandle Landscape Partnership.



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