The Wandle Valley is home to a number of habitats that are threatened both nationally and internationally. As one of only 200 chalk streams in the world, the River Wandle is an important natural resource supporting a rich variety of plant and animal species that need our help.

Submitting wildlife records is an easy and enjoyable way to start protecting the wildlife you love on your doorstep!

To make submitting your records for the Wandle Valley quick and easy, we have created a simple online recording form.

Every wildlife record that’s submitted helps to build a better picture of which species are moving into or leaving the Wandle Valley, how they are thriving or declining and tells us how we can better protect their habitats so that our next generation can still experience nature in the big city!                           Submit A Wildlife Record


  • Wildlife Recording

    Create a Wildlife Record

    We want you to tell us what you see when you’re out and about on the Wandle. You can do this anytime, whether you’re cycling, walking the dog or meeting a friend for a coffee at The Riverside Cafe in Ravensbury Park.

    To create a wildlife record is simple, just remember to note down the 4W’s whilst you’re out and about: What, When, Where and Who?

    1. What species did you see?  If you don’t know then take a photo (a picture speaks a thousand words!)
    2. When did you see it?  Record the date you spotted it
    3. Where did you see it?  If you can take a grid reference, or just pop down the nearest postcode
    4. Who recorded it?  Your name or the person’s name who spotted it
  • Wandle Wildlife Toolkit

    Wandle Watcher Resources

    To help you along your way we have created a Wandle Wildlife Leaflet which will help you to identify some of the more common species that you might spot.

    For further information, take a look at our Wandle Wildlife Toolkit. This resource is packed full of useful websites for learning how to identify a wider range of species and includes instructions on how to survey and submit wildlife records.

  • Volunteering

    Become a Wandle Wildlife Watcher

    There’s a variety of opportunities to get involved with if you’re interested in becoming a Wandle Wildlife Watcher. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or fully fledged wildlife expert, all of our survey volunteers receive ongoing training and support in wildlife identification and monitoring.

    Here are a few examples of how you could get involved to help record wildlife along the River Wandle:

    Eel and Fish Monitoring

    A team of enthusiastic volunteers are helping to survey migratory fish and eel species at various points along the Wandle. This is helping the Environment Agency and Zoological Society of London to build up a better picture of how fish passage is affected along the river and feeds into the Living Wandle Fish Habitat Improvement project.

    As a volunteer on this project you could receive training in fish identification, surveying and monitoring techniques as well as learning about river restoration to improve habitats for fish.

    For more information about volunteering on this project please contact: / 07500 073049

    Riverfly Monitoring

    Small teams of volunteers have adopted sites along the River Wandle and survey them once a month to identify and monitor riverfly populations. All of the data collected feeds into the national initiative of The Riverfly Partnership; a network of people working together to protect the water quality and riverfly habitats of our rivers.

    Wandle Riverfly volunteers sample, identify, count and record a variety of aquatic invertebrates on a monthly basis and submit the wildlife records to The Riverfly Partnership national monitoring scheme.

    As a volunteer on this project you could receive training in aquatic invertebrate identification, riverfly survey techniques and access to The Riverfly Partnership community.

    Water For Wildlife

    Volunteers are helping to survey a variety of freshwater habitats across the Wandle Valley as part of this exciting project run by London Wildlife Trust.

    The surveying that takes place focuses on Odonata: the order of insects that include dragonflies and damselflies. These insects are a reliable indicator for monitoring habitat quality and changes in the environment. Volunteers are also needed to take part in practical conservation tasks to help improve freshwater habitats for a range of species.

    As a volunteer on this project you will have access to a full training programme, covering identification of freshwater species, freshwater conservation techniques and issues relating to freshwater conservation in London.

    For more information about volunteering on this project please contact:

  • Training and Support

    Free Volunteer Training

    If you decide to volunteer with one of the projects and become a Wandle Wildlife Watcher we can support you with training in wildlife identification, surveying and monitoring alongside various other training options related to the River Wandle.

    For more information please contact the Living Wandle Team at: or 07500 073049.

This project is part of the wider Living Wandle Landscape Partnership Scheme, supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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