Wandle Gateways is a flagship Wandle Valley Regional Park Trust project that was co-funded through the Living Wandle Partnership. It aims to improve the way that visitors access the River Wandle and Trail, and make the valley feel more welcoming.

The development work for the Gateways was undertaken by Groundwork London. It is both conceptual in its approach as well as focusing on designing new physical infrastructure at entrance points to the park and river – potentially including the removal of clutter, opening up views, planting, interpretation/information and also wayfinding.

Funding through Living Wandle enabled creation of 6 Gateways across the four boroughs, improving access and helping to connect spaces along the Wandle Trail:

  • 2 gateways at Poulter Park (Merton and Sutton)
  • 1 gateway at Waddon Ponds (Croydon)
  • 2 gateways at Wandle Park (Merton)
  • 1 gateway at Trewint Street (Wandsworth) at:

The intention is that the Gateways approach and designs will be adopted by partners and used across the Regional Park, including where there is new development and within improvement projects led by all the Regional Park’s green space managers. Work is also underway to create a seamless ‘design palette’ for the Wandle Gateways and Wandle Trail, allowing the partnership to exploit a unique opportunity to create some visual harmony and a bespoke, high-quality identity for the new Regional Park.

The project long-list and short-list and full design details can be seen here:  Gateways proposals



  • Poulter Park Gateway

    Poulter Park Gateway

    This Gateway was co-delivered under the Mayor’s Big Green Fund scheme and was completed in 2015.

    Access points were improved at Watermeads Lane and Goat Road (Sutton) and London Road (Merton).

    It involved re-surfacing for improved accessibility, re-landscaping to make the entrances wider and more attractive, creating a planting scheme and installing Regional Park branding.

  • Waddon Ponds Gateway

    Waddon Ponds Gateway

    The Wandle Valley Regional Park Trust, in partnership with Croydon Council, opened up access to Waddon Ponds park in late 2017.

    The entrance to the park was opened up, re-landscaped and the iron railings upgraded with a more attractive design. Regional Park branding and interpretation was installed to create an identity along the Trail

  • Wandle Park Gateway

    Wandle Park Gateway

    In partnership with Merton Council access to Wandle Park was improved in late 2016, co-funded through the “Connecting Colliers Wood” scheme.

    Two access points were opened-up and landscaped to improve accessibility and attractiveness of the entrance to the park. Rain gardens were planted, and seating areas with a William Morris inspired design were installed.

  • Trewint Street Gateway

    Trewint Street Gateway

    In partnership with Wandsworth Borough Council, the entrance to the Trail at Trewint Street bridge was improved in 2018.

    This section of the River is not easy to navigate; the Trail breaks away from the river at Trewint Street, diverted onto Garratt Lane through a residential / industrial area, before rejoining it further downstream at King George’s Park near Wandsworth Town Centre.

    This Gateway has improved sight lines, railings and path surfaces for pedestrians and cyclists. Regional Park branding and interpretation has also been installed to create an identity along the Trail.

“A Day on the Wandle” – Gateways Film

During a two day workshop coordinated by Groundwork London a team of six young people directed, filmed and produced “A Day on the Wandle” as part of the gateways project. The film was launched in December 2016 and highlights why members of the public think visiting the River Wandle and Wandle Trail is special!

This project is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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